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For School Representatives If you register on LAM, your school students can search rooms in Japan making use of exclusive services

Leopalace offers special deals and facilitates the room searching of the Students of our School Partners through the LAM service .
Press 「New Registration」 button to register on LAM.

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  • 4 advantages of the LAM SCHOOL
  • Instructions to our School Partners about New registration
  • Information for students Searching for rooms

4 advantages of LAM

Leopalace 21 will assist your room searching
Very easy to use! We will search and introduce apartments meeting your requirements, just send an inquiry of the apartment you would like to find.
We support you from your move-in to the contract cancellation
All the apartments introduced are managed by ourselves, so we will be responsible for the apartment renewal and cancellation as well.
We have discounts and special plans for students
We offer exclusive packages and discount system for Students
Throughout Japan we manage 520000 apartments and 60000 are used by students
We will introduce your desired room among the 520000.
Feel assured since 60000 rooms are used by students

Steps of room introduction at LAM

Register Representative of the School Partner

Steps for a new registration

Registration of your school information

For the Representative of School Partner who wishes to use LAM, please press the 「New Registration」 button and input the necessary information to register.

New Registration

Issue ID and Password

We will inform your ID and Password at a later date by e-mail
※We will send a mail of denial if there were multiple registration or insufficient contents.
In this case, it will not be possible to make use of the service immediately. If you have any questions, please contact the number on the e-mail sent.

Search for rooms For Students Information

Procedures for login and usage

Guidance to Students by the School Representatives

Please inform the ID and Password registered in the application form to the Student who will access the LAM website later on by him/herself. He/she will need these information to search a room on the website.
※To login go to the right top of the page

Request a room according to your requirements

You can request a room according to your requirements at the site. Your request will be sent to the responsible Leopalace center.

Apartment introduction to Individual Clients

Our representative will be responsible in introducing the ideal apartment according to your request.

Apply for the exclusive site for School Partners(LAM) here.

For the Representative of School Partner who wishes to use LAM, press the 「New Registration」 button to register.

New Registration