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videocamVideo regarding Common Courtesy

This video introduces common courtesies in Japanese society. Please be sure to check it before moving in so that you can avoid any troubles with your neighbors.


Apartment Use Service Guide

Our Service Guide explains important reminders, such as how to use the room facilities and how to cancel the contract etc. If you need any assistance, please refer to our Service Guide first of all.


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The bathroom washbowl was damaged. What should I do?
Please inform us of the damaged part and situation from "inqury form" or contact the service center. more
How can I prevent freezing when there is a reheating function with the bathtub?
Prevention methods are different that is depending on the product, so please check the instruction manual for details. more
What is the capacity available for an electric water heater day?
The following are the details. more
Water leaks from the connection part of the shower head (hose) and from the water faucet joint. What should I do?
There is a possibility that the connection part is loose near water leakage, please repair again by hand once. more
The bathroom ventilation fan does not work (there is a noise). Is it faulty?
In case of long-term use, dust may accumulate on the filter of the ventilator and malfunction may occur. more
The mirror in the bathroom is dirty and I can not see it well. Can I exchange it?
If the dirt is so bad and there is a problem with the use, please inform us from the "Inquiry form" or contact the service center. more
Thin red pink mold (water stain) will stick to the bathroom. What is the cause?
Because the bathroom is high in humidity and temperature, leaving it as it is used may cause water stains and bacteria to breed more
There is no shower curtain in the bathroom. What should I do?
Bathroom shower curtains are not provided. more



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