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The drainage flow of the bathroom (washstand) is poor, what is the cause? Updated date 2019.07.14

There may be clogged drainage gutters / drains and drainage pipes.

The accumulation of hair in the drainage trap can reduce drainage capacity and cause clogging.
If it is clogged in the drainage trap, you can remove it, so please try cleaning the drainage once.

● How to remove the drainage trap
①Turn the drainage plate counterclockwise and remove it.
②Lift and remove the hair catcher.
③Rotate the inner drain counterclockwise and lift it out.
※Do not turn the outer edge part (flange).
※If the drain is hard and does not rotate, wear rubber gloves and turn with both hands.
④Using a sponge or toothbrush, remove the removed hair and dirt from the removed parts and drainage trap and wash it away.


※ After cleaning, put back the removed parts, please flush the water and keep the water in the trap.
If there is no improvement even if you remove the hair in the trap, there is a possibility that the drainage pipe is clogged, so please inform us from the "Contact Form" or contact the service center.

Customers who subscribe to the "Resident System and Key Safety System" or the "Resident Support System" can use the on-site express services such as water problems and drainage clogs free of charge.

※ We may be charged a fee for repairs due to the customer's intention, negligence or neglect of cleaning.



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