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What should I do if there are mouse/mise in the room? Updated date 2017.06.11

The following are the details

Mice inhabiting the surrounding land may invade from a small gap(such as door gap or a building vent) of a building to make a nest and invade into the room.
Mice collect naples by collecting paper, cloths, vinyl, etc. in warm and hard-to-see areas. Places where there are plentiful ingredients and cloths and paper which become nest materials will become an environment where mice are easy to come, so it is important to prevent the mice from staying in order and keeping the mice out of the way.

In mice where there are plenty of food and garbage, mice prefer it as feeding area.

  • Food
    Please put it in a container with a lid or store it in a refrigerator or a cupboard whrere the door is closed.

  • Garbage
    We recommend not leaving raw garbage in a bag but putting it in a container with a lid.

Papers such as cloths and newspapers and magazines are materials for mice to make their nests.

  • Cloth
    Please keep cloth products such as cloting, towels, sheets etc in the storage case.

  • Paper
    Please do not keep unnecessary newspapers and magazines in you room and throw them away frequently.

Mice are easy to come in indoors or on the veranda, when you put these things (garbage, newspaper magazines etc).
In the case of an apartment, cooperation of all the tenants will be required, so please keep them organized in the room.
If you know the route of intrusion, you can prevent intrusion into the room by blocking the entrance, so please inform us from "Inquiry form" or contact the service center.



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