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This video introduces common courtesies in Japanese society. Please be sure to check it before moving in so that you can avoid any troubles with your neighbors.


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Our Service Guide explains important reminders, such as how to use the room facilities and how to cancel the contract etc. If you need any assistance, please refer to our Service Guide first of all.


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Precautions when using an apartment Updated date 2017.06.20

Please refer to the following.

Pre-exiting damage report (when you move in, you needs to tell us pre-exiting damage)

If there are scratches or dirt that you care about in the room, within 1month from the date of occurrence (contract starting date) LEONET application, or Please write "Pre-exiting damage report" in writing.

  • If there is no abnormality or anxious place, there is no need to submit.
  • If you are considering repair or confirmation, please contact the service center.
  • Submitting from the LEONET application is possible if you have a smartphone (iPHONE, Android)
  • When submitting in writing, please submit by mail or visit us.
  • In the case of mailing, please stamp a stamp on the envelope and mail it to the administrative center of the jurisdiction.


Please take your respobsible for all garbage, need to throwing away by yourself. Please follow the garbage collection day, collection point of place, rule for each area.

◇Collecting place
◇Segrangation of garbage
◇Specified trash bag
◇Depends on area
◇Large garbage

※Before moving out, you need to throw away all garbage and do not leave your stuff in your room.

Nuisance Parking

Please do not park as street parking and someone's reserved parking space.
It will cause an obstacle in the event of an emergency or a traffic accident, please do not do these things.

Noise problem

The apartment will be a multi-family residence. Even if he / she is casual "sound", for other users and everyone in the vicinity "noise". Especially at night when the sound is easy to hear, please give consideration to the surroundings.

◇Volume of TV, music etc.
◇Use of washing machine at night · Using vacuum cleaner
◇Loud chat
◇Opening and closing the door and footsteps
◇Chatting at parking lots and communal hallways


Please stop acting like putting excessive weight on the bed or table.
It may casuse injury, the top board / side frame etc. may be broken.
Also, please note that beds and lofts are dangerous to fall when used incorrectly.

Pet parenting

With the exception of the pet parenting permitted property, breeding of pets such as birds, dogs, cats, reptiles and the like and keeping from acquaintances can not be done inside and outside the rental room.

※For pet breeding permitted property, pets can be raised by the rules of various special provision clauses. For use and consultation, please contact the Leopalace Center.

Watch out for fire

Please pay attention to cigarette fire. Please do not absolutely do not make your sleeping cigarette as it may cause a fire. Prohibition of using oil heater and portable gas stove. Please aware that do not put combustible things in your room and do not put in carridor.

Common area

Please do not throw away cigarette and trash from you room`s window. Also, please do not leave garbage, unnecessary materials, dangerous goods on the aisle, terrace

※Placing empty bottles of beer or juice, empty cans on the aisle in the front of the room, on the terrace is very dangerous, so do not put garbage absolutely.

Electricity, waterm gas

Please turn off the switch frequently, please cooperate in saving resources. Please turn on all breakers when using electricity. (The circuit breaker is installed in the washing machine storage place, on the entrance etc.)

The capacity of the breaker is 30 ampere as the standard specification. (Excluding some family type properties) Excessive use of electricity causes the circuit breaker to trip.

About winter time freeze prevention

In the winter season when the cold becomes severe (December to February), the temperature becomes below freezing point and freezing of the water pipe becomes easy to occur.
When the water pipe is frozen, water and hot water can not be used, various troubles such as washing, cooking, bathing, toilet, washing, etc.
While you move in, please manage your freeze prevention etc by the customer.



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