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Inquiry of air conditioner maintenance Updated date 2019.05.18

From June to August every year, a lot of people start using air conditioner frequently by extremely hot weather.

Summer is around the corner so, please check the air conditioning unit for any problems before the temperatures start rising.

If you think your air conditioning unit needs service, please check some of the possible solutions before requesting a repair.

▼The air conditioning is not working properly

●Is dust clogging the air conditioner filter?
If the filter has not been cleaned, the functioning of the air conditioner may deteriorate due to clogging of the filter.

●Is there cold wind coming out of the air outlet?
If the outside temperature is high, the room may not cool down according to the set temperature.
Set the remote control to "Cold" and "28 °C" and turn on the air conditioner. After the beep sound comes out and start cooling for a while, hold your hand in front of the air outlet and check if it starts cooling or not.

▼The air conditioner suddely stops

●Is it an air conditioner with an automatic timer (stop after 3 hours)?
If it's an air conditioner with an automatic timer, the operation will stop automatically after 3 hours. Please turn on the air conditioner again to continue using.

If you have any questions regarding timer settings, please check here.

▼The air conditioner stopped working

●Is the power breaker turned off or the power plug disconnected?
Please check if all the living room breakers are ON.
Also you can try unplugging the air conditioner power cord for a moment and try again.

●Does the air conditioner emergency operation function works?
If the air conditioner is working, it may be a problem with the remote control. Please try the emergency operation function to check.

●Are the remote control batteries dead?
Please remove the batteries from the remote control and replace them with new ones.

●Is the manufacturer code setting of the remote control correct?
If the remote control in your room is universal type, please make sure that the manufacturer code of the remote control is set correctly.

▼The air conditioner power light is blinking

●Are the air conditioner cover and flaps properly installed?
It may indicate that the air conditioner cover or wind direction flaps are not closed properly. Please check that they are properly installed, especially after cleaning the unit.

▼I'm worried about the smell of the air conditioner

●Is dust clogging on the air conditioner filter?
There could be a smell if the air conditioner has not been used for a long time.
Dirt collected in the filter is also a cause for smell, please remove and wash the filters in the shower etc., please dry well before using the filters again.

▼Water leaks from the air conditioner indoor unit

●It may be caused by clogging of the drainage in the air conditioner main unit or the drainage hose.
If you fail to clean the air conditioner filters, it may cause malfunction of the main unit, clogging of the drain hose, water leakage and odor.

After confirming the above, if there is no improvement or if there is an abnormality, we will arrange for repair. After checking the air conditioner manufacturer and model number, please use the contact form to notify us. Or, please contact the service center.

Information of manufacturer and model number.


※ The schedule for the repair company is usually very busy during July and August, and it may take time until the staff can visit your apartment. We apologize for any inconvenience to you and we appreciate your understanding.

※About the repair costs
If there is no intentional or accidental damage by the customer, and the failure is due to natural consumption or age-related deterioration, we will not claim any repair costs.



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