Frequently Asked QuestionsThose are common inquiries & questions from our international customers. If you need assistance at the time of move-in or during your stay, please refer to the following.

videocamVideo regarding Common Courtesy

This video introduces common courtesies in Japanese society. Please be sure to check it before moving in so that you can avoid any troubles with your neighbors.


Apartment Use Service Guide

Our Service Guide explains important reminders, such as how to use the room facilities and how to cancel the contract etc. If you need any assistance, please refer to our Service Guide first of all.


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Electrical appliances, Furniture, and Equipment

My microwave has broken down. What should I do?
Please check the following. more
There is noise from the speakers of the equipped TV. What should I do?
If there is no problem with the antenna line connection or channel reception settings, the TV or speaker may be defective. more
Can I sign up for an individual contract because I want to watch cable TV (CATV)?
To use paid channel services such as CATV, please contact the service provider directly and apply. more
PlayStation 3 is connected to an LCD TV with an HDMI cable, but neither video nor audio is recognized. Is it a malfunction?
The detection signal on the TV and the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS-3) signal may not match. more
The TV image appears, but no sound is output. Is it a malfunction?
Make sure that the TV volume is set to a low level or is not set on mute. more
Can the TV in my room be removed?
We do not remove or take the equipment installed in the room. more
I would like to connect a recording device or game console to the TV? What should I do?
Please check the following. more
The TV screen is in a sandstorm. Is it broken?
The TV may be receiving analog broadcasts. more



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Available languages are Chinese, Korean, English, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.

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