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This video introduces common courtesies in Japanese society. Please be sure to check it before moving in so that you can avoid any troubles with your neighbors.


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Front door and Room keys

The motion sensor lights
The motion sensor has the following features. This is not a malfunction. more
What should I do when I can't remove the key?
The location (angle) from which the key can be removed is fixed. more
Please be careful when opening and closing the door in strong winds
When strong winds are generated due to the development of typhoons or low pressure,when opening or closing the entrance door, the doors may be hit by the strong wind and damaged. more
How to operate the internal key (thumbturn)?
The operation method varies depending on the shape of the thumb turn. Please refer to the following. more
The front door knob is about to come off. What should I do?
The lever tightening part may loosen and wobble during use. more
When I close the front door, there is a gap. What should I do?
There is a possibility that the entrance door is not installed properly or the rubber packing of the door frame has deteriorated. more
The entrance door was damaged by a strong wind. What should I do?
When opening and closing the entrance door, the doors may be hit by the strong wind and be damaged by generated due to the development of typhoons or low pressure . more
The surface of the entrance door gets wet with water drops. What is the cause?
This is caused by condensation that occurs because the entrance door is cooled by the outside air and the air containing moisture in the room touches the cooled entrance door. more



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