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How can I buy the LEONET points? (Life Stick) Updated date 2018.02.08

There are several ways to buy the points.

  • Leopalace Center
    You can buy LEONET points at the nearest Leopalace Center.
    ※If you buy at center, the point will be updated on the same day.
  • Leopalace WEB site
    You can purchase at the resident site [My page]. Details
  • Application
    It is also possible to purchase from LEONET application. Details

Life Stick

It's available to buy from LEONET top page on the television with using Life Stick. Please follow the screen guidance, and you will see the payment method screen. You can choose one of 3 payment methods.

◇Credit card
◇Convenience store payment

  1. Choose 「LEONET Myroom」 on the top page.

  2. Choose 「Registration・contract information」on the left top corner of the screen.

  3. Choose 【LEONET point purchase】

  4. Make an agreement for using, and you will see the password screen, so please input your password and choose 「入力(Input)」.

  5. Input number of points to buy
    Minimum price is different by the payment method, so please check the below before input.
    ◇Credit card・・・Available for 100 yen or more per 1 yen
    ◇WebMoney・・・Available for 100 yen or more per 1 yen
    ◇Convenience store・・・Available for 500 yen or more per 1 yen

    Please refer to the below by payment method.

Credit card

  • If you want to pay with credit card, please choose 「Credit card payment」.