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The wireless (wifi) display is no longer displayed on LEONET. What should I do? Updated date 2017.07.06

Wi-fi connection with Life Stick requires an Internet contract (Standard plan / Premium plan / Platinum plan).

If the contract is ongoing and the initial settings have been completed, "SSID (wireless name) and password" will be displayed on the top right of the service TOP (HOME) screen.

※ Use of Wi-Fi function of Life Stick requires setting with TV for HDMI connection.
If you do not have a TV, you can not use the Life Stick Wi-Fi function, so please prepare your own access point.

As the contract may be expired, please check the status of the contract once.
Click here to check the contract status


If the Wi-Fi SSID and password do not appear on the screen even though the contract is ongoing.
Please try the following operation.

  1. There is a lot of Wi-Fi flying around and the corresponding SSID may not be displayed.
    Please try OFF> ON of Wi-Fi on your PC, smartphone or tablet.
    Please check again.
    ※ Depending on the model of PC, Wi-Fi button may be external.

  2. Network Settings> check if the Wi-Fi is off at the bottom of the Life Stick Service TOP screen.
    When it is ON, the Life Stick side is not on Wi-Fi.
    After turning off, please restart Life Stick and confirm.
  3. The frequency band of Life Stick is not compatible to your terminal (PC, smartphone etc.)
    If the frequency band is 5.0 GHz according to Life Stick network settings> frequency band setting, change to 2.4 GHz, please check again.
  4. Try connecting manually to the network.
    Network Name: Enter the displayed SSID.
    Security Type: Select "WPA2-Personal".
    Security Key / Password: Enter the displayed password.

【How to restart】You can restart either of the following two types.
※Please check the LAN cable (unplug and plug back) again when restarting.
・ Remove the power (outlet) of the Life Stick and plug it in again.

・ Restart with remote control from TOP menu
Please select from the menu 「設定"Settings"」⇒ 端末 "Terminal"⇒ 「端末情報"Terminal information"」⇒「再起動"Restart"」
If you cannotsolve the problem, please contact the LEONET department (free call 0120-911-521 opening hours 10:00 to 19:00 ) after preparing your customer ID and other customer information at home.



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