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videocamVideo regarding Common Courtesy

This video introduces common courtesies in Japanese society. Please be sure to check it before moving in so that you can avoid any troubles with your neighbors.


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Our Service Guide explains important reminders, such as how to use the room facilities and how to cancel the contract etc. If you need any assistance, please refer to our Service Guide first of all.


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I would like to subscribe/cancel a plan for L MOVIE powered by U-NEXT Updated date 2019.06.13

Contracts or cancellations are available on Life Stick My Room.

Please confirm
※ "E-mail address registration" is necessary to use this service.
※ The first month of subscription is free for the first month.
※To watch latest works Video coins are required. Details

■ Contract method
①Select "LEONET My Room" on the service top.

②Select " MENU" at the top left of the screen, and select "Registration information / Contract information(登録情報・契約情報)".

③Select "LEONET optional service" from the contract information, subscription and cancellation fields(契約情報・加入・解約欄).

④ Select "L MOVIE regular plan" or "L MOVIE full plan" from the option service new contract.

Regular plan Monthly basis ¥ 1,026 yen (tax included)
A basic plan where you can enjoy unlimited viewing * of approximately 50,000 works in each genre of Western movies, Japanese movies, overseas dramas, domestic dramas, anime and music.

Full plan Monthly fee 2,106 yen (tax included)
In addition to the regular plan, unlimeted contents include * adut works, a plan that comes with "rental tickets" available for rental service will be 2 monthly.

※ Some works such as the latest works are not for unlimited viewing.
Unlimited works will be in L MOVIE unlimited menu list .
You need rental tickets, LEONET points, video coins, etc. to view works that are not subject to unlimited contents.

⑤The optional service description screen is displayed. Please check the contents carefully and select "Proceed to contract「契約へ進む」".

⑥You will be on the payment method selection screen.
Select from "Registered Credit Card", "New Credit Card" and "Rent Payment Account Debit".

■ Registrarted Credit Card
Please pay from the already registered card.
■ New Credit Card
Please pay from the newly registered card.
■ Rent payment account withdrawal
Payment by withdrawal inclued on the rent rent , the first payment will have to be made with LEONET points or credit card.
※ In the case the contract is under an corporation name, not perform procedure by "rent payment account withdrawal".

⑦If there is no problem with the contract contents on the final confirmation screen, select the "Contract「契約」" button.

⑧Finally, the password entry screen is displayed. Enter the password you entered when logging in, and your contract is complete.



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