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This video introduces common courtesies in Japanese society. Please be sure to check it before moving in so that you can avoid any troubles with your neighbors.


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Guidance for moving out (individual contract) Updated date 2020.01.09

When moving out after November 1st, 2019, you do not need to be present when leaving the apartment.

Please leave the room by 16:00 on the day of the contract end date.

※A notification about time of leaving the apartment is not required.

※About the return method of the apartment key. Please check here.

※If you have a security contract, please do not set security when leaving the room, turn on the breaker and leave the room. Please check here for details.

※If you'd like to be introduced to a moving company, please check here.

Move-out process until move-out date

【Address redirection】

Please complete the procedure at the form below to change your address by the day before moving out.

After moving out, we are going to send a settlement statement of cancellation by mail.

Register new address

【Insurance procedures】
Customers who have insurance are requested to transfer or cancel the insurance. Check details here.

【Garbage generated when moving out】
If you leave trash in the apartment you will be charged separately, so please dispose of it according to local rules before moving out.

Click here for information on how to dispose of garbage when you move out.
※Please check here for the disposal of bicycles that are no longer needed.

【Procedures related to utilities】
●Customers who have completed the opening procedure when moving in "Chintai plan" or "utility costs needed" should contact the power company, gas company, and water department at least 5 days prior to the date of departure.
※If the water charge is included in the usage fee, there is no need for water-related procedures.

【In case of amperage change in electric contract】
Please contact the electric power company to revert to standard specifications when closing the contract.

【Telephone and Internet procedures】
Please arrange for relocation or suspension of telephone and internet connection.
(LEONET cancellation is performed at the same time as the room cancellation.)

【Post office procedures】
Please write a notification at the post office (for mail redirection to the new address). Check details here.

About the move-out fees

Please check here for costs incurred when moving out.

After moving out (the day after the final date), we will contact you after checking the room and confirming the cost of the move-out fees.
Cancellation detailed statement (invoice) will be notified by SMS the next Friday to customers who leave the room between Friday and Thursday of the previous week.

※Please inform us if you cannot use SMS.

In the following cases, customers may be charged for repair costs (restoration costs).

●Wear and damage due to customer's intentional negligence
●Wear and damage caused by standard misuse.

・Accidentally hitting the furniture and broke the sash glass.
・Spilling a drink on the floor and became a stain due to insufficient care etc.

Please check here for details.

About the payment method of the move-out fees

When moving out, we request for paying at the convenience store using the text message sent from our company, or to pay by bank transfer after confirming the move-out fee.

Please pay within 2 weeks from the text message delivery date (every Friday) sent by us.
※On every Friday, we send the confirmation text message of the move-out fees for contracts ended from Friday to Thursday of the week before.

■Convenience store settlement SMS service ⇒ SMSPay

You can pay at the convenience store by selecting the desired convenience store from the link in the SMS text received on your mobile phone and authenticating your identity (date of birth).
・Enter your date of birth (Example) If January 7, 1980 ⇒ Enter 19800107
・Payment methods vary depending on convenience stores.

①When a barcode is issued on the mobile screen, you can pay at the cash register.
②When a payment number is issued by mobile phone, a payment slip is issued at the terminal of each store, and paid at the cash register.
※Please inquire at each convenience store regarding how to operate the terminal at each convenience store.

※Please let us know if you are unable to use SMS or wish to pay by bank transfer.
※The bank transfer fee will be paid by the customer.

※If at the time of the room check there's a need to make a refund, the transfer will be made to the customer account on a later date. ⇒Refund schedule

Other information

Customers who have a membership contract ⇒ We will mail the withdrawal / continuation documents separately.

About LEONET points
There will be no refund for LEONET points left when you cancel your contract. LEONET points cannot be used to pay the cleaning costs, etc., if your new address is not a Leopalace, please use your points before moving out. Please check here for details.

※Although LEONET points do not expire, if you do not log in to the resident My Page / LEONET application for 90 days after moving out of your room, the points will disappear.
※If you use a paid service, the first day of each month will be the renewal date. If necessary, please cancel the paid service from the Leonet main screen.



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