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How can I drain the toilet? (Hokkaido) Updated date 2019.10.22

Make sure the temperature around the bathroom does not drop below freezing and warm the bathroom. If you cannot, drain the toilet and prevent freezing.

●About draining water from the toilet water tank.
In some buildings in Hokkaido, a lock button is installed on the handle lever of the water tank to drain water from the toilet tank.

Follow the procedure below to drain water.

① Set the electric drain control panel in the room to "Drain". Answer Link
②Turn the toilet handle lever to the 【大】 side and let the water flow.
③With the handle lever turned, press the lock button to lock the handle lever.

When using, press the lock button again to release the lock.

●When you leave home for a long time.

When leaving the room for a long time, please put antifreeze (coolant) in the toilet to prevent freezing.
Please do not unplug the hot water flush toilet seat.

●About freezing prevention method in toilet.

There is always water in the toilet bowl, and it has a function to prevent odors and pests from entering the sewage pipe. (Sealed water trap)

If water accumulated in the toilet is frozen, the toilet (pottery) may be damaged. If the product cannot be used for a long time, put antifreeze (coolant) in the toilet to prevent freezing.
※ In Hokkaido, you may be able to purchase antifreeze at the nearest convenience store.

●About draining hot water flush toilet seats.

To prevent damage caused by water freezing, drain the water when it is not used for a long time.
※The draining method varies depending on the product installed. For details, refer to the instruction manual.

▼Draining procedure (reference example).
①Drain the water in the tank. ※See [About draining water from the tank] above.

②Press [NOZZLE CLEAN ON / OFF] on the auxiliary operation part of the toilet seat to drain the remaining water in the product.

③Loosen the water tap with a water supply filter with a flathead screwdriver, and then pull it off.

Do not remove the water tap with a water supply filter with the water tap open. * Water spouts out.

④Remove the water supply hose from the water supply coupler and receive the tip with a container.

⑤Press [NOZZLE CLEAN ON / OFF] again to return the nozzle.

⑥Insert the water supply hose into the water supply coupler of the branch fitting.
(Please shift the convex part and concave part of the water supply coupler 90°.)

⑦Push in the water tap with the water supply filter and tighten it with a flat-blade screwdriver.
Please note that if it is not tightened securely, it may cause water leakage.

⑧Check that[運転 入/切] [Operation On / Off] is「入」 "On",
open the cover of the auxiliary operation section and set the warm water toilet seat temperature to「高」 "High".



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