SP_Double discount

Double discount (no key money/reikin or advance rent)

  • Key money/advance rent are 0 yen!

    Key money/advance rent (daily rent for the current month + rent for the following month) will be 0 yen

About Campaign


Double Discount (hereinafter referred to as "this campaign") is a campaign that allows you to sign a contract without the payment of key money/reikin, current month's daily rent/management fee and next month's rent/management fee.

Target contract

This is only applicable when signing a new room contract under the individual's name under a rental contract.


  • Items that are 0 JPY under this campaign do not include environmental maintenance fees, insurance (Tenant Anshin Insurance/Life Support Service), resident support systems, antibacterial installation fees, parking fees, storage room fees, and guarantee commission fees.
  • If you sign a contract using this campaign and cancel it within 8 months from the start date of your tenancy, the application of this campaign will be retroactively invalidated and you will be required to pay all rent up to the time of cancellation.
  • This campaign is exclusive to properties. Also, since the target is set for each room, this campaign may not be applicable even if it is in the same building.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other campaigns, discount-like benefits, or my DIY.
  • The properties eligible for this campaign are subject to change without prior notice.
  • For details, please contact your nearest Leopalace Center or Leopalace Partners store.