SP_Upto 2 months rent free

Up to 2 months rent free

  • We offer a discount equivalent to up to 2 months' rent from your initial down payment!

    The initial contract fee refers to the initial costs such as security deposit/key money/advance rent/ daily rent/and key exchange fee.

About service


Maximum of 2 months free rent (hereinafter referred to as "This service") is 2 months of the maximum rent included in the contract fee (initial costs such as deposit, key money, advance rent, rent based on days of usage, key exchange fee, etc.) This is a service that discounts the amount equivalent to the contract fee.

Target contract

This is only valid when signing a new room contract under the individual's name under a rental contract.


  • The amount equivalent to rent that is waived under this service does not include management fees, environmental maintenance fees, parking fees, etc.
  • If you cancel your lease within 8 months of the start date of your tenancy after signing a contract using this service, the application of this service will be retroactively voided and you will be responsible for all rent costs incurred up to the time of cancellation.
  • This service is limited to properties. Also, since eligibility is set on a room-by-room basis, the Service may not be applied even within the same building.
  • This service cannot be used in conjunction with other campaigns, offers similar to discounts, or my DIY.
  • Eligibility for this service is subject to change without notice.
  • Please contact your nearest Leopalace Center or Leopalace Partners for details.