SP_Medical Worker Support Plan

Medical Worker Support Plan

  • Lots of Properties with Furniture/Appliances

    Furniture/appliances are included, so you can start living there from the day you receive the keys. ※Specifications of equipment and supplies vary depending on the property.

  • Key money 0 JPY

    If you sign a Rental contract plan, the key money will be 0 JPY!

About Services


The Medical Worker Support Plan (hereinafter referred as "This service") is limited to medical workers to help them resolve problems such as "Busy with work" and "Receives too many emergency calls". They can reserve a room with 0 key money.

Elibigle Contracts

Only when a room is contracted in the name of an individual under a rental agreement.


  • Proof of employment as a healthcare professional (employee ID, insurance card, etc.) must be presented in order to apply for this service.
  •  This service can only be used in conjunction with a campaign or system similar to a discount, and only in conjunction with a professional referral benefit.
  •  This service cannot be used in conjunction with ""my DIY"".
  •  This service is applicable only to our managed properties.
  •  Room cancellation must be requested at least one month in advance by the method specified by the Company.
  •  A separate exit fee will be required when you vacate the room.
  •  The contents and conditions of this service are subject to change without notice.
  •  For details, please contact your nearest Leopalace Center or Leopalace Partners branch.