About handing over the keys

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will not be handing over keys on the following dates.

We kindly ask to visit our store on a business day other than the dates listed below. (Subject to change)

Days on which keys will not be handed over

  • 5/1(Wed)、5/2(Thur)、5/3(Fri)、5/4(Sat)、5/5(Sun)、5/6(Mon)、5/8(Wed)、5/15(Wed)、5/22(Wed)、5/29(Wed)
  • 6/5(Wed)、6/12(Wed)、6/19(Wed)、6/26(Wed) 
  • 7/3(Wed)、7/10(Wed)、7/17(Wed)、7/24(Wed)、7/31(Wed)