Information regarding electronic procedures for renewal agreement

We are pleased to announce the introduction of electronic renewal procedures for customers who have contracts in their individual names and need to renew it.

For this reason, individual customers who are scheduled to renew their contracts in March 2021 or later will be required to confirm their contract renewal details and consent to the renewal of their contracts with the customer via webmail.

Once the customer has completed the electronic procedure via webmail, the renewal agreement will be sent to the customer's e-mail address as a PDF file.

Customers will be notified of the above by SMS to their registered cell phone number when the contract is up for renewal. Please send us your current web address (excluding feature phones) in the survey form sent by SMS.

The question items in the survey form sent via SMS are as follows, so please check them together.

1.Customer name

2.Name of the property you live in

3.Your room number

4.Email address

5.Mobile phone number (for confirmation)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


For those who are unable to respond to the questionnaire or send the renewal consent form by email, a written form will be mailed to the apartment where you live.

About handling of personal information

Information provided by customers will be handled appropriately in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and our privacy policy.

Inquiries regarding this matter

Leopalace21 Call Center 048-233-9771(Reception hours 10:00-18:00)