Rough initial fee estimate for 35683 209

  • Monthly Contract

  • Property No.:35683-209

Total initial cost

¥200,640 / 30 days

  • The amount includes optional services.

Breakdown of initial costs


Tax rate

Amount of money

Monthly charge



Usage fee (30 days)



Key exchange fee/ Smartlock system registration fee



Antibacterial construction cost (Optional)



Tax-exempt subtotal


Tax subtotal


Consumption tax (10%)





    • Estimate as of July 24 2024. The amount will vary depending on the move-in start date and whether options are included. This does not guarantee the actual contract amount or contract itself.

    • We also have a plan for antibacterial installation cost of 23,769 JPY.

    • Additional fees apply for parking.

    • Separately, you will be required to pay a monthly adjustment fee in one lump sum depending on the period of use.

    • Monthly adjustment fee is a fee that requires some users to pay for the rise in prices of construction materials, crude oil, goods, etc., and other increases in building maintenance and management costs.

    • For monthly contract summary, click here Click here.

    • If you wish to complete the contract procedure in paper form, a separate administration fee of 1,650 yen (tax included) per contract will be charged. For details, please click here.