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Suddenly, the water from the faucet is not hot anymore. What could be the cause? Updated date 2016.08.08

If only room temperature water comes out from the hot water faucet:

Usually, when the security system of the water heater is activated, the flow of gas to the heater will stop.

※ In some apartments, there is a remote controller attached to the wall that controls the water heating system. Be sure to leave the controller ON「入」 when using the water heater.

Possible causes:

  1. In case you kept the hot water flowing for a long period of time.
  2. The gas meter security system was activated due to a tremor from an earthquake, etc.

Please stop the flow of the hot water faucets inside the room and try the restoration of the gas connection procedure by following instructions below.

  • To check how to read the information on the gas meter, click here
  • To check where is the gas meter, click here

The location of the gas meter

The location of the gas meter varies depending on the apartment type, but it's usually installed in the following locations.

The location of the gas meter1

Near the balcony or entrance of the building / in an elevated space next to the entrance of the room (in cold areas)

The location of the gas meter2

Restoration procedure for the gas.

Restoration work of the gas

※If you open the hot water faucet before the restoration procedure is completed, the procedure may fail and you will need to close the faucet and try again.
※If the amount of water that flows through the heater is less than a certain amount, the fire may go out by itself. Be sure to open the faucet enough, for the fire in the heater not go out.
※If there is too much cold water coming out from the faucet, the amount of hot water will decrease and the fire may go out automatically. Please turn off the cold water first, and reopen the hot water again.

※If there is no problem with the gas meter, please try turning off the energy breaker of the room for a while.



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