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I am troubled by insects and pests. Updated date 2017.06.11

From early spring to the summer, the weather is getting warm and there are more insects.

Insects inhabit the soil, planting on the apartment premises, under the floor of the building, and in some cases it may invade into the room.
When you find a pest in the room, please use spray insecticide etc. on the market and kill it. Spraying spray tpe insecticide etc on the veranda and entrance area around the entrance door helps to prevent invasion into the room.
Even if you kill insects frequently, if you intrude frequently or if it occurs in large quantities, you will need to investigate the cause, so please inform us via "Inquiry Form" or contact the service center.

Insect pest control

  • There are a lot of insects where is outside the apartment

    If habitat, occurrence place etc can be specified, it is possible that insecticide and extermination are possible by spraying the medicine, so please inform us from "Inquiry form" or contact the service center.
  • Insects (mosquitoes and moths)

    For security reasons, it is not possible to turn off all lights in the building.
  • Spider (web of spider)

    During the regular cleaning of four times a month, if there is a spider web, we remove it, but the spider will make a new nest in about several hours.
  • Caterpillars

    We will check the site, we will deal with insect pests, and if necessary we will take actions such as weeding and pruning of planting so please notify us from "Inquiry Form" or contact the service center.
  • Fly

    Flies, etc. when opening doors or windows, or from a small gap between screen doors and sashes. In addition, drosophila may be drawn to food and garbage odors and invade into the room. In addition, flies may enter the room due to food and raw garbage.

※ In the unlikely event, if a lot of insects have occurred than forgetting to dispose of garbage, please spray a commercial spray insecticide etc. and kill it

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us and notify us from "Inquiry Form" or contact the service center.



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