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Regarding the National Census Updated date 2020.09.10

Q.: Is it mandatory to answer the National Census?

The National Census is the country's most important statistical survey, targeting all people and families living in Japan and is based on a law called the Statistics Act to clarify the real situation of the population and families. It will be held once, every 5 years.

A.: If you do not answer correctly the National Census, the statistics obtained will be inaccurate. When this happens, the various policies and future plans that are being drafted and implemented using the results of the census may go in the wrong direction and there is a risk of loss of administrative fairness and efficiency.
In order to conduct a fair and efficient administration based on accurate statistics, it is necessary to have accurate responses from all people living in Japan. Therefore, we request that everyone answer the National Census.
Answers can be answered in writing or online 24 hours a day.
If you have any other questions, please visit the Census website of the Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

National Tax Survey and Statistics Bureau Homepage

Additionally, if the survey cannot be conducted due to reasons such as absence and if the statistical researcher inquires about the name, gender or household member, our company may be obligated to disclose the information.



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