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The guide regarding the room inspection (individual contract) Updated date 2017.01.27

Please refer to the following.

The things you need to prepare before the room inspection.

【Regarding garbage when moving out】

If you have garbage when moving out, please follow the rule of each region for disposal.
How should I dispose of the garbage when moving out?

【The procedures regarding utility fees】
●If your contract is "chintai plan" or the plan that utility fees are necessary and you connected the electricity, gas, water when moving in, please contact the electric company, gas company, water company to shut off the electricity, the gas and water 5 days before the move out date.
※If the water charges are included in the rent, you don't need to contact for shutting off the water.

●The customer who signed the monthly contract or the contract which the utility fees are not necessary don't need to contact for shutting off the electricity, gas, water.

【If you changed the ampere when signing the electric contract】
Please tell the electric company to return to standard specification.

【Procedures regarding telephone, internet, etc】
Please contact for changing or stopping the telephone and internet service.
(The cancellation of LEONET will be done with the cancellation of apartment contract. )

【 Procedures regarding postal items 】
Please visit the local post office for the mail transfer service (procedure for transfering the mails to your new address)

【Procedure regarding fire insurance】
If you purchased the fire insurance, please carry out the procedure for changing or canceling the contract.

The things need to bring when you attend the room inspection

①Room keys (duplicated keys are not allowed)
※If you lost your key
If you purchased the support service insurance: no charge
If you did not purchase the support service insurance: we will charge 1320 yen (tax included)

※If the security equipment is installed inside your room, please return the IC security stick with the room key.

②Your personal seal (shachihata seal is ok)

③ID card
・A driver's license
・Basic resident register card (with face photo)
・Health insurance card
・Employee ID card (In case of corporate contract)
・Student ID card (This must be issued by school which is reported when you signed the contract)
・Residence card
・Special permanent resident certificate
・Certificate of Alien Registration

④ The costs of moving out ⇒ Answer link
※Please pay by credit card or debit card. The details are mentioned at the bottom.

⑤Pre-existing damage report (Customer copy)
※If you didn't report existing damage, you don't need to prepare this form.

⑥ The Letter of Proxy (In case the contractor can not attend the room inspection) ⇒ Answer link

⑦Updated passbook in some cases(The passbook of the bank account that you registered for rent payment)Answer link

※It's not necessary if it's monthly contract.

⑧Contract documents
※In case of eletronic contract, it's unnecessary. If you can not prepare the contract documents at the time of room inspection, it is ok.

About restoration cost

In the following cases, customer may be required to pay the repair costs (restoration costs)

●Wears and damages due to willful or gross negligence of tenant
●Wears and damages are generated from the utilization that is not accepted as a standard ulitization.

For example
・Because of carelessness, you hit furniture and broke the glass of the window
・You spilled drink to the floor and beacause lack of cleaning, it become stain or mold.

How to pay the moving out fees

We recommend you pay the moving out fees by debit card or credit card.

●Pay by debit card
●Pay by credit carddetails
※You will pay the moving out fees on move out date at the time of room inspection.
※If you want to pay by cash, please inform us through "inquiry form" or call Service Center.

※If you have a refundment, we will transfer it to your bank acount later ⇒ Refunding schedule

Important points

We will not refund the remaining LEONET points when you move out. You also can not use the LEONET points to pay the cleaning fee, etc. If you don't move to another Leopalace apartment, please use all your LEONET points before moving out.

※There is not an expiration date for LEONET points, but if you don't login the tenant's page or LEONET application 90 days after moving out, the LEONET points will disappear
※If you subscribe paid services, 1st every month is the renewal date, please cancel these services from Leonet screen.

Customers who were using parking lot or bicycle parking space
Please move your vehicle until the room inspection date.
Also, please move your bicycle until the room inspection date if you have in the apartment.



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