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Room inspection notice Updated date 2017.01.27

Please refer to the following.

1. Necessary procedures before moving out.

Contract should be cancelled before leaving. (electricity, gas, water contract)
Please cancel home contents insurance earlier than five days before leaving.
Please check with your local post office about a mail transfer service.

2. Items for inspection

Room keys (1,296 yen for one lost key), security sticks (864 yen for one lost key), pictured ID (passport, residence card etc.), debit card or credit card, personal seal.
※If a contractor cannot attend a room inspection, please receive the letter of proxy from the nearest store, and bring it.

3. Restoring to the status quo

Room condition should be restored to the status at the time of first moving in.
Additional fee would be charged for repair fee or special cleaning fee as a restoration cost depending on your room condition.

4. Final payment method

Please bring your credit card or debit card for the final payment at room inspection.
(Cardholder should be a contractor.)
Those who move out between 27th and 3rd need to bring an updated passbook.


  1. If you have LEONET points, it will disappear if you don't login for more than 90 days.
  2. If you have a bicycle, please be sure to move it.



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