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How to setup Life Stick (Registration on Television) Updated date 2018.02.08

Please follow the procedure below if you use LEONET service for the first time.

  • Setup Life Stick. Registration on TV screen (Check the following)
  • Setup Life Stick Click here for registration on Smartphone.
  • Click here to register on Tenant's homepage 「Mypage」 or LEONET apps.

Registration on television (Life Stick).

Please check Life Stick and cable connection, and set up following below.
Click here for remote control pairing.

LEONET Support Page
Other Language

Please find 【入力切替】 or 【入力交換】 button on the TV remote, and press it to change input to 『HDMI』. (There might be 2 HDMI depending on TV model, but select one of them which is connected.)

Please check that you have a Life Stick remote.

Remote control.PNG

※Insulation tape is on the back of the remote. Please remove it.

*The remote should be full charged.

1. Please pair the remote in the screen below.

Pairing remote1.PNG

2. A process bar is displayed. Please hold both buttons and wait for the screen to change.

Pairing remote2.PNG

3. Please press confirm button blinking blue in the screen. Press the same button again in the next screen.

Pairing remote3.PNG

4. Select 「English」


5. Select 「No」

Android 아니오.PNG

6. Select 「Skip」


7. Select 「Accept」


8. Either one is okay to select.

둘중 하나1.PNG

9. Either one is okay to select.


Terms of use. Select 「同意する」(Agree).
Terms of use.PNG

Select second option.(初めてLEONETをご利用になる方)(First-time user of LEONET).

Confirmation screen requiring「登録確認書」 (Confirmation of registration) or 「鍵引渡し確認書」(Key handover confirmation sheet). (Sample)
Select 「登録確認書を持っている」(Registration of confirmation is on my hand) if you have.

Select 「Life Stickで登録する」(Register by Life Stick)

Enter [Initial LEONET ID] and [Initial Password] which are written on the sheet such as Confirmation of registration or key handover confirmation sheet, and select 「次へ」(Next).

Now create new LEONET ID and new password.
Please register your information such as a phone number. Select 「確認」 (Confirm) after input.
※Those who are under corporate contract will see the screen to input your name, nationality etc.

Select 「登録」(Register) if all information on the screen is correct.

In case you registered phone number (070, 080, 090) at ⑧,
PIN code (6 digits) will be sent to your SMS mail on your phone.
Please type 6 digits code on the television screen, and select 「認証」(Authentication).
※Those who do not have a phone number (070, 080, 090),
or those who selected 「SMS認証を利用しない方」(those who do not use SMS authentication)
Click here

This is confirmation screen of room contract.
Select 「登録」(Register) if all information like initial setup number and room number on the screen is correct comparing with registration confirmation form.

Login is completed by this screen.
Select 「Life Stickの利用を開始」(Launch the use of Life stick).

It's available to check customer's contract status of internet plan.